Matt’s Fort Peck Fishing Report  


Fishing continues to be good with every day contributing to some level of success.

Walleye have been the most effected by recent cold fronts, but nearly every day is either putting up numbers of good fish or a five pound plus fish or more.

The Pike and smallmouth continue to be very good, with nice fish coming consistently.


Been hitting a role and spending a lot of days on the water. 

Walleyes are really going well and should improve from here. We are getting nice fish and limits are coming fairly easy. A couple good spawn classes seem to be producing a lot of fish in the 15 to 20 inch range.

Pike are hot. A large portion of the population did not spawn, so they do not seen to be thin nor lethargic.

The smallmouth continue to go well, but I have not focused them recently to say just how well exactly


First post of 2020

With world events slowing some things down, fishing goes on. Guiding in Montana has been open for a while now, and they are lifting the 14 day quarantine for out of state fisherman on the first of June.

Fishing has been good but nothing crazy yet. Walleye are coming in either decent size or numbers and still seem to be spread out. Pike and smallmouth are getting better almost daily, with great size and numbers in the boat improving nearly each time out.


Matt’s first post

I will start out with an apology on how long this took. More pictures from the last month will be up soon.

Fall pike fishing ranged from good to fantastic this year. There is still a good, weather dependent bite available.

The lake trout have moved up, even with the rough conditions. Neatly 40 mile an hour gusts made fishing tough, but we still put a couple good ones in the boat. We had multiple hits that just didn’t make it to the boat.