My name is Matthew Sunderman and I live in Circle, Montana. Circle is located about 90 miles east of Hell Creek, which you could call my summer home.

I grew up in southern Michigan and I began fishing as soon as I could hold a pole. At first I fished for pan fish with a occasional night fishing for species such as rainbow trout. When I was about thirteen my father and I took a trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and caught northern pike for the first time. Soon after fishing became an addition. Before leaving home, I would spend every spare moment trying to find the best local lakes for pike, walleye and muskellunge, as well as traveling all over the state to fish different parts of the Great Lakes. Even when I couldn’t fish, I was finding every shred of info to maximize my chance of catching fish.

When I went to college at Central Michigan University, I began fishing a local river for smallmouth bass. No matter what happened, I always seemed to find a way to take a trip to wherever anyone would take me to fish.

In 2015 I moved to Montana with tales of Fort Peck reservoir in my head. Pulling a gutted 18 foot aluminum boat that was hardly seaworthy, I found more and more excuses to try and tackle the new challenge of this amazing fishery. Most of the species that I grew up loving to fish are in Fort Peck and I was bound and determined to try to fill my boat.

The next year, my parents came to visit and my father couldn’t resist a chance to go fishing, but did not want to go out in my boat. This led to us meeting Bernie. Not long after a fateful day of fishing, I had a new boat and was started in my career of being a fishing guide.


Dam / Dry Arm (Fort Peck or Rock Creek) Fishing Guide 

Telephone: (785) 226-3221Email: trevor.haddix@gmail.comWebsite:

My name is Trevor Haddix and I was born in Omaha, Nebraska then moved to Miles City, Montana as a young child. I am the son of a Fisheries Biologist that worked for the Montana FWP at Miles City, then moving to Biologist Position in Alaska in the late 70’s.

I was raised in Ketchikan, Alaska. Hunting, Fishing, Trapping and Baseball were the hobbies that motivated me. I fished and hunted every chance I got while growing up. My dad provided me with my own boat at a very young are, so every opportunity was spent on the inland waters of the Pacific, fishing for Chinook, Coho and Pink salmon as well as Halibut.

As a teenager, I started commercial fishing. First commercial endeavor was trolling for Salmon in a small open skiff. A few years later, I moved onto the larger commerical boats and worked as a deck hand on a purse Seiner for the summers.

After High School graduation in the mid 80’s I moved on to college at Montana State University in Bozeman with the intent of studying fish and wildlife management.  Well, plans don’t always pan out.  I spent way too much time fishing the Gallatin and Madison, skiing at Bridger Bowl and hunting the Bridger’s and very little time studying.  With academic probation looming and the desire for adventure running strong, I joined the U.S. Army.

I served nearly 21 years on active duty in the Army.  I am a veteran of Iraqi Freedom.  During my military career, I made the best of every location I was stationed.  I found myself always pursuing the available game and fish in the area I was stationed.  The passion for hunting and fishing never stopped me regardless of my whereabouts.

In 2008 I fully retired from Active duty.  I have been living in N. Central Kansas since my retirement, Working as an Army Contractor as an Aviation Electronics Technician.  Upon graduation of my youngest child in 2018, my wife and I plan to move permanently to the Glasgow-Fort Peck area.

I hold a U.S. Coast Guard 100 ton Masters license and also fully licensed in Montana as a fishing guide through the MT board of Outfitters.

My boat and equipment:

Skeeter WX2100; Yamaha F250 main; Yamaha F8 kicker; Minnkota Terrova I-pilot/link; Humminbird 1197 SI Combo; Scotty 1106 electric down riggers.